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DTAD Tenderer | Structured public sector acquisition

DTAD Tenderer

Structured public sector acquisition

  • Receive high quality leads
  • Benefit from advance information, public tenders, and award of contract announcements
  • See your contract opportunities with AI-supported projections

DTAD Tenderer

With DTAD Tenderer, you boost your success in the public sector. Our DTAD experts find appropriate public tenders from more than 40,000 contracting authorities. In real-time, we scan thousands of sources, review the quality of the data and add well-researched background information. Respond to new contract opportunities in the public sector with DTAD Tenderer.

DTAD Tenderer | Access to public tenders and numerous acquisition opportunities

Succeed in the public sector

Access to public tenders, contracting authorities, and numerous acquisition opportunities

We deliver more than 950,000 tenders annually from all e-award portals and contracting platforms. See all relevant projects with our tool.

In addition, we maintain more than 40,000 profiles of German contracting authorities, including current information about contact persons, projects, and business relationships.

With little effort to suitable tenders

Automatically receive the latest projects with DTAD Tenderer. In an early stage, you will be informed about

  • new published national, European, and international tenders,
  • all project cycle phases, from discussion to awarded contracts,
  • intelligent acquisition projections and the behavior of contracting authorities,
  • fixed-term contacts and master agreements that are due to expire.

We deliver a structured presentation of the job’s requirements, criteria that providers must meet, instructions about the tender process and deadlines. Available tender documents are provided for download. If information is missing, we will follow up on your behalf.

DTAD Tenderer | Access to acquisition projections and award behavior

Use your time productively

Access to acquisition projections and award behavior

Learn the expected number of bidders with DTAD Tenderer. Find out what companies the contracting authority prefers when awarding contracts. Identify promising tenders at a glance.

We provide contact information and custom text templates to deliver more effective messages.

Discover the DTAD Tenderer

4 reasons to sign up for a free trial

  • Practical: Discover all functions in the full version
  • Easy: No software download and installation required
  • Without a contract: Your free trial ends automatically
  • Personal support: Our experts will put you on the right path
Free trial
DTAD Communicator | Structured procedures in the team and all projects

Clear processes for your tendering success

Structured procedures in the team and all projects

Expand your possibilities with DTAD Communicator for a team structure you can count on. With integrated CRM and project management functions, all players have an overview of current tenders and key processes.

Monitor your projects with workflow boards and stay on top of deadlines with defined process steps. Assign tasks and centrally manage project discussions in one tool. All players consistently stay up to date.

DTAD: One platform – four modules – your success

Individually or combined: Four modules form the basis of DTAD. Explore all the possibilities in your free trial and find the ideal combination for your acquisition success.

With DTAD Tenderer, you receive relevant tender offers and contract announcements for your acquisition in the entire public sector. Stay up to date with real-time notifications. Optimally assess your chances with artificial intelligence analyses to see your success possibilities at a glance.

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With DTAD Constructor, you professionalise your acquisition in the construction sector. Receive relevant construction projects in a timely manner and get access to current information of more than 35,000 projects annually for your sales success. Use our data base of existing buildings and contact the right decision makers.

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With DTAD Networker, you optimise your B2B lead generation, acquire new customers and boost your sales. Benefit from a data base with more than 230,000 companies, contact details of decision makers and buying signals. You can respond to changes quickly and are perfectly networked.

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With DTAD Communicator, you improve your processes and optimise communication in the team. Project management and CRM functions help you handle your business contacts and tasks across teams. Manage leads, customer data and contract opportunities in one platform.

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